Volume 27 Issue 9 - 12 June 2015

Dear Parents and Friends of St Patrick’s College

I recently attended the First Profession of Tuata Terawete and Juniko Toaua. These are two young women, from Kirabati who made their commitment to join the community of Good Samaritan sisters. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with ritual and symbolism around the vows of stability, conversion of life and obedience.

At the conclusion of this first profession ceremony they became Sisters of the Good Samaritan. It was moving to see the joy on their faces at this significant point in their lives and the joy on the faces of all the other sisters present as they include them into their congregation. For myself and the other principals of Good Samaritan Schools present it epitomized what it means to be part of a broader community. We all felt joy and pride for Sr. Tuata and Sr. Juniko as they had travelled a long journey to get to this point.

On a sadder note I also attended a funeral recently of a beautiful young woman who passed away who was only in her twenties. She had a chronic health condition all her life and inspite of a transplant last year, her health deteriorated and she could no longer continue the battle. Again the extended community gathered and provided support for her family and each other. Against a backdrop of grief, I was reunited  with members of that community to celebrate the joy and life this young woman brought to so many she encountered.

Living in a community is a privilege and a blessing. Through community we grow and develop into the people we have the capacity to become. In community we learn life lessons and become good world citizens. We learn to respect that people are all different and learn to care for the vulnerable and the disempowered. Some of us learn the lessons quickly and some need a little more encouragement. Certainly schools are very much places of this ilk. Whilst we have a curriculum, guided by the Australian curriculum to get through in class, the broader curriculum of how to live in community is as urgent and valuable a  lesson to be learnt.

Many of the tensions and difficulties girls have in the playground with friends and others are learning opportunities for them in how to live respectfully with your neighbour. "Who is my Neighbour" is a strong question that under pins the charism of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. It was the question asked by Jesus after he told the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Who is my Neighbour? It is the person in my community of humankind. I may not know that person but they have many things in common with me. Like me, they experience the joys of life and love and they will feel pain and sorrow in the times of grief and loss. They have hopes and dreams and aspirations for a better future, like us. People seeking asylum from persecution and torture are our neighbours. People who become refugees for fear of their life in their homeland are our neighbours. Have we acted in a way Christ would want us to act?

As we recognise World Refugee Day on 20 June I will leave you with a poem written by a young Iranian asylum seeker in detention. The treatment of children in detention continues to be both alarming and deeply disturbing. Who will speak for these children if we don't?

I do not know
What will happen after I die
I do not want to know
But I would like the Potter to make a whistle
From the clay of my throat.
May this whistle fall into the hands of a naughty child
And the child blow hard on the whistle continuously
With the suppressed and silent air of his lungs
And disrupt the sleep
Of those who seem dead
To my cries!

Whistle by Dr Ali Shariati

Social Justice at St Patrick's

One of the demands of being a Christian is how we respond to the challenges we face with issues of justice.

Annual Social Justice Forum

Catholic Social Justice Teaching compels us to have a preferential option for the poor. In Australian society today, one of the poorest groups in our midst are those seeking refuge on our shores either as asylum seekers or as refugees. The conversation about this issue has become focused on rhetoric which demonises refugees and those may come up with the harshest methods of dealing with this social justice issue are given a voice. It appears that the voice of compassion has been muffled. It is within this context that our students were invited to a Social Justice Forum hosted by Mt St Benedict College at Pennant Hills. The forum's theme, Changing the Conversation, was an apt catch cry to rally the interest and enthusiasm of many students from schools all across Sydney. The forum did change the conversation as was inspired by the keynote speaker who reminded us that the only appropriate language in this circumstance is the language of love, peace and non-violence. 

Angelo Gattone - Mission Coordinator

The following is a report composed by a Year 12 student, Genevieve N, who is the College Social Justice Captain:
On Tuesday 26 May, a group of nine keen St Patrick’s Social Justice Advocates traveled to Mount St Benedict College, Pennant Hills, to partake in the Annual Social Justice Forum. The forum was centered around Refugees and Asylum Seekers, with the theme of Changing the Conversation. A contemporary issue that all who attended were both interested in and passionate about. St Pat’s was invited to present one of the many workshops offered as part of the forum, with a focus on removing barriers between everyday Australians and those who come to our shores. Our interactive presentation, entitled #HelpBreakTheFence, was focused around children in detention. The St Pat’s workshop shared our contributions towards changing the conversation, as we shared initiatives already implemented by our school, such as; the Simulation Day, attendance at the Sydney Peace Prize and completion of different petitions. Complete with a hashtag and a website, our workshop zoned in on an audience of young people utilising the technology and social media that we use every day. This conversation was then opened up to the ways that other schools initiate and support change, a really important tool in listening to different successes and taking advocacy in our school one step further. There was a lively sharing of ideas at the Social Justice Forum and an indiffusible passion present from all the young people there. 
This was an excellent way to change the conversation, and a great starting point to heighten awareness of this issue in our school community. Finally, I would like to thank Mr Gattone for organising and escorting us to this important event. 
By Genevieve N. (Year 12 Social Justice Leader)



Scholastica Presentations

This term the ladies have been undertaking a science investigation based on the statement “Chocolate Hysteresis -Chocolate appears to be a solid material at room temperature but melts when heated to around body temperature. When cooled down again, it often stays melted even at room temperature. Investigate the temperature range over which chocolate can exist in both melted and 'solid' states and its dependence on relevant parameters.”
The ladies have been researching the background of chocolate from a scientific perspective and conducting experiments that investigate chocolate hysteresis. They are busily preparing their findings as a science expo presentation and are ready to convince those who come to the presentation as to why their results are valid.
The presentation will be on Tuesday 23 June 2015 from 1:30pm until 2:30pm in the Benedict Function Centre. If you would like to attend please RSVP be filling in the online form at  

Language Lifeboat

English help is available every Wednesday at lunch time in Room 37

Bring your assessment tasks, homework, class notes or questions. Dedicated English teachers are available to help. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome.

Literature Club

Come along to Room 27 on Wednesdays at lunch time. If you love reading and are ready for a challenge, launch into the world of the classics and join the Literature Club. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome to join. Drop in next Wednesday and ask our mentors for a starter pack.

Vote of thanks from the Kenny and Chisholm House Captains

The success of a team does not come from the act of a single person. It takes everyone’s enthusiasm, dedication and participation and that is exactly what I have seen from my beautiful Kenny girls throughout the year

Year 12 Girls - Their last SPC Athletics Carnival


To single out a select few people from the house who have shown these qualities would be near impossible. However, I’d particularly like to thank all the Year 7 girls for their enthusiasm in their first year in this incredible house! I can’t name all of you, but Darcy, Kiara, Emmerson, Gabby, Amelia, Bianca, Loretta, Scarlett, Tara and everyone else, you guys were awesome at the recent Athletics carnival! Every single one of you were amazing, starting cheers and getting involved whether we won or lost an event. I’d like to thank and congratulate every one of the Kenny girls, whether you raced competitively or just for fun, cheered or were there for moral support. Keep up the good work in the future because this is what it takes. The green never leaves you.

Nicole, Year 12 Student and 2015 Kenny House Captain

Can I first say how proud and happy I was with the involvement of all girls not only in the athletics carnival but across all aspects within school. The 2015 Athletics Carnival was an amazing experience. I am so proud of the enthusiasm and participation presented by the Chisholm Team at the carnival. Mr Ashcroft gave me the hard task of selecting a few girls who best displayed the Benedictine values throughout the day. Although the task was very difficult, there are a few girls I would like to acknowledge. These are Ruby D, Emily S, Erin G, Laura W and Crystal B. Even though each girl may not have won their events, they always gave one-hundred and twenty percent with a smile on their face. It made me so proud of each and every person. This carnival is one that will not be forgotten. I am proud to be a part of Chisholm. GO CHISHOLM!!

Simonne M. Year 12 Student and 2015 Chisholm House Captain



Quota Student of the Year Quest

Congratulations to Portia F and Karen D


On the night of Tuesday 2 June, we were lucky enough to have represented St Patrick’s College in the Campbelltown Quota Student of the Year Quest, held this year at IRT Function Centre. The Quest invites a wide range of schools from our local area to participate. 

The competition was set in two stages. The first involved the submission of a resume and a subsequent interview before a panel of three judges, held on 28 May. The interview assessed us on our personality and grooming, academic achievements, school and community involvement, leadership, cultural and sporting experience and knowledge of current affairs.

The second had each candidate present a prepared speech on a chosen topic, and then an impromptu speech on a random subject. In her prepared speech, Karen tackled the question of ‘Where are you from from?’, exploring what constitutes being Australian and the inherent multiculturalism in the nation. She then talked on the topic of “friends”, connecting the role of peer networks in personal development to the popular television show. Portia discussed “Postcode Discrimination”, false stereotypes and the stigma with western suburbs in her prepared speech, and then talked on the topic of “glasses” as the metaphorical lenses needed to see world problems with more clarity. 

It is with great pleasure that we announce that St Patrick’s was awarded the top two spots in the competition, with Portia F walking away from the night as the overall winner, and Karen D coming in as a close runner up. It must be noted that each of the school’s candidates were extremely talented and judging would have been a difficult feat! We will be proud to engrave Portia’s name on the trophy, who we note also proudly records the achievements of former St Pat’s girls Hannah Lennon-Mather (2011), Cassandra le Good (2010) and Erin Byrnes (2006).

We both can wholeheartedly agree that the competition was an enriching experience, and not enough gratitude can be expressed to Ms Pulham; for her undying support, and Mrs Lennox and Mr Power who were also in attendance on the night. We also wish to express our deepest gratitude to Quota Campbelltown for giving us this amazing opportunity.

Portia will go on to represent the Campbelltown Quota Club in the regional district finals, against the winners from seven different clubs, including Batemans Bay, Liverpool and Camden.

Portia F and Karen D -Year 11 Students

A teacher perspective from Marguerite Pulham - Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator

Every teacher wants to inspire and energise their beloved students with a can-do attitude and belief in themselves. When we can tap into the energy of wonderful groups like Quota who want to encourage the same thing we are truly blessed. Quota is genuinely interested in what the young people from our local area think, desire and believe. The Student of the Year Quest gives our best and brightest a chance to voice their passions. Thankyou, Quota.




Combined College Musical - GREASE

Come and see GREASE the musical tonight and tomorrow at St Gregory's College

The Cast - St Patrick's and St Gregory's Students


11th, 12th and 13th June 2015 at 7.30 pm
Br Luke Hall – St Gregory’s College Campbelltown

Tickets for the College Musical Grease will be sold online and at the door on the night. To purchase tickets online visit www.flexischools.com.au. On the website, go to ‘WHAT’s ON AT YOUR SCHOOL” and type in St Gregory’s College and then hit enter. Tickets can be purchased as a guest user so there is no need to register. Once purchased the College will receive notification and tickets will be allocated. Tickets will be allocated as orders are received.

Ticket Prices

Online tickets

Adult $14, Student/Child $8, Family (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult, 3 children) $40.
Online sales will close at 12 noon on Wednesday 10th June.
Pre-purchased tickets will be available for collection from the foyer of the Hall from 6.00pm on the night of the performance.

Tickets Purchased at the Door

Adult $15, Student/Child $9, Family (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult, 3 children) $45.
Drinks and snacks can also be purchased at the venue. If you require any assistance please contact me at the College on 4629 4231 or via email catherine.keegan@stgregs.nsw.edu.au.

SPC is developing an App

St Patrick’s College Campbelltown’s IT department have been trailing various Apps aimed at improving the communication with our parents and families.

An App is a program designed for a smartphone or tablet device. The apps we have investigated include features that push notifications and alerts, hold information about aspects of school administration, include access to canteen orders, access to College calendars and much more. You can help us by providing feedback on the types of functionality you would like to see in your app. The College invites staff, students and families to contribute feedback. Please complete the form below, or use this link if it is not displaying properly in your browser.

Knitting Group Presentation

On 4th June, the Knitting Group had a presentation of blankets to Mrs Jenny Brown and Mrs Jane Willoughby of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Mrs Sue Lennox introduced the ladies and thanked the girls and staff for their knitting efforts. Both Mrs Brown and Mrs Willoughby spoke to the girls about the kind of people who will be receiving the blankets, such as young mothers who had very little for their children and homeless people in the Macarthur area.

We were fortunate to have in attendance several of the grandmothers who knit squares for the group, including Mrs Judith Andrews and her daughter, grandmother of past student Kimberley Clissold, Mrs Lyn Carlin, grandmother of Georgia C and Mrs Jan Vacchini and Mrs Pam Poole, both grandmothers of Zoe V. Also, former staff members who are part of the Knitting Group, Mrs Maxine Evans, Mrs Lorraine St. John, Mrs Shirley Mills, Mrs Janine McLeod and Mrs Anne Kearney who volunteer their time.

Many thanks also go to Mrs Maureen McCann and Mrs Maureen O'Brien who helped organise the event and give their precious time each week to assist with the Knitting Group.
Fran Musico Rullo - Teacher



Lipstick Luncheon

On Friday 8 May, Mrs Sue Harradine, Kate W and Kaitlyn H from Year 10 and I attended the annual Mater Dei Lipstick Luncheon. Mater Dei is a special school in Camden for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 12 who have been assessed with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities. They are a fellow Good Samaritan school and really demonstrate their motto 'inclusion for all'. The fundraiser is held every year to raise awareness and much needed funds for the schools community participation programs. It was a sold out event with many influential woman enjoying the light-hearted entertainment from the MC, catwalk and dancing, a beautiful meal and fun raffles. The Mater Dei choir did an amazing job for all to see and hear. The total amount raised on the day was $100,000 which is an outstanding effort from all sponsors, supporters and friends of Mater Dei. We are very appreciative to have been part of this wonderful event and represent St Patricks College. 

Maria Boulatsakos



Important Dates

12 June - CSDA Debating Elimination 2
12 June - College Musical at St Gregory's College
13 June - College Musical at St Gregory's College
15 June - College Photo Day
17 June - Year 7 Vaccinations and Year 11/12 Measles (if needed)
18 June - Year 8 MISA Debate
18 June - Twilight Tours 4.30pm
19 June - CSDA Debating Quarterfinals
22 June - Year 12 SOR Incursion
23 June - College Assembly
24 June - Year 11 2016 Information Night
25 June - Talented Mathematicians Day
26 June - Benedict Day - Mass 9am
13 July - Staff return for Term 3
17 July - CSDA Debating Semi Final